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The UCPAA Brings Clients and Local Accounting Professionals Together Like Never Before

The United CPA Association is designed to be a meeting ground for reputable accounting professionals and their prospective customers. Founded on the principle of client trust, the UCPAA performs a number of vital functions. A quick summary of these functions will show you how the UCPAA works to bridge the sometimes daunting gap between accounting firms and their customer base:

Comprehensive catalog

Comprehensive Catalog

The UCPAA website contains a directory of every accounting company in the United States.

Aggregated Data Points

Aggregated Data Points

We compile individual data points on every firm such as time in business, employee data, office size, sales volume, business contact information, reviews and more.

Certification to accounting firms


Only those firms that embody our core values of transparency, integrity, and consumer protection are granted UCPAA membership.

Research & Compare

Research and Compare Local Firms in Minutes

Review multiple data points and business information to determine the best provider for your individual and business needs.

UCPAA membership has benefits for both sides of the accounting equation. On the consumer side, it’s an ideal substitute for the due diligence necessary to find a CPA that fits an individual or a business’s specific needs. On the provider side, membership means their listing is placed in a prominent position within their local area search results, adding valuable exposure to new clients looking for the services they offer. Together, these features help consumers establish long term relationships with CPAs that are certain to keep their best interests in mind at all times.

A UCPAA Membership Brings Value to Your Firm

The UCPAA directory includes a full spectrum of critical data points for every accounting firm in the country. When potential clients visit the UCPAA website, this data combines with customer testimonials to give them a complete picture of your company and its reputation. This is why UCPAA membership is a central part of our operations.

Becoming a member of the UCPAA benefits your company in a number of substantial ways:

  • It distinguishes your firm from competitors that appear in our local search results.
  • The UCPAA directory receives thousands of visitors a day, all of whom are looking for just the services your company provides.
  • Member firms are listed above non-member companies in our local search results.
  • As a result of this high placement, member firms receive up to ten times more visitors to their dedicated page on the UCPAA website.
  • Most importantly, UCPAA membership adds credibility to your firm and demonstrates its commitment to excellent services, high ethical standards, and professionalism.

Why Consumers Should Choose a UCPAA Member Accounting Firm

Choose Reasonably

Choose Reasonably

The UCPAA is committed to helping consumers make an informed decision when choosing a CPA or related accounting professional; this commitment comes from a firm belief in the importance of this decision. Selecting a CPA is not something to be taken lightly or done in a hurry. This is because not all accounting firms are created equal. Choosing the wrong one can have lasting negative effects on your personal and business finances.

Difficulty Comparing

Difficulty Comparing

We fully recognize the inherent difficulties of researching and comparing the dizzying array of firms operating in your locale. We also understand how exhausting this kind of search can be. Despite all the risks, far too many people end up choosing the firm with the slickest website or the most compelling ad campaign.

Sophisticated Selection Algorithms

Sophisticated Selection Algorithms

The UPCAA directory eliminates these potentially devastating risks and reduces the effort involved in choosing a CPA that fits. It cuts through the surface flash with verified data points that help consumers make the best decision for their financial future. UCPAA Members have shown a commitment to the highest levels of UCPAA criteria. By clicking below, you can learn more about selecting a UCPAA member firm.

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