About The UCPAA

Who We Are

The UCPAA is a collaboration of veteran business consultants, online marketing experts, and a highly accredited CPA advisory board. Our website provides a new way for individuals to research and select local accounting firms throughout the United States. It is our mission to improve industry transparency, individual business accountability, and to facilitate a more convenient way to make an informed decision when selecting a service provider.

Helping Consumers Make an Informed Decision

Helping Consumers Make an Informed Decision

On the consumer end, The UCPAA provides aggregated and updated data-points on every verifiable CPA, Accounting and Bookkeeping firm in the USA. Our searchable directory helps consumers to compare local service providers using detailed business information never before available in one location, to the general public. This information includes items such as years in business, office size, employee data, virtual street view, reviews from multiple sources, and more.

The ability to research and compare critical business details enables consumers to make a more well-informed decision when selecting the right firm for their particular needs. Although our database has information on many local firms, not every firm in our directory is certified member of the UCPAA.

UCPAA Membership Equals Transparency, Exposure & Success

On the service provider end, a UCPAA membership signifies an important additional differentiation from non-member competitors. UCPAA member firms must demonstrate a history of outstanding ethics, as well as a firm commitment to uphold the core values of the UCPAA, including integrity, service, value, and expertise.

Member firms appear at the top of their local search results in our directory and include an official UCPAA seal that confirms their member status.

UCPAA certified businesses appear at the top of local search results

This provides added credibility, in addition to valuable exposure to thousands of potential clients who are searching for the services that they provide.

CPAA certified elite businesses are required to place our seal on their websites

UCPAA Elite Members are required to place our seal on their websites

This provides a direct link to their customizable listing on ucpaa.org. Also, this displays their current standing with the UCPAA and provides assurance to potential clients of their firm’s on-going commitment to excellence.

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The UCPAA database has over 125,000 tax professionals.