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Lizzy Bee’s Tax & Accounting is a CPA business providing bookkeeping, tax preparation and & filing, as well as general accounting work for individuals as well as regional businesses. Located in Palmer, Alaska and assisting the greater Anchorage, AK Metropolitan area, their office resides in Matanuska county and has approximately 3 employees.

Lizzy Bee’s Tax & Accounting was initially established in 2016. It’s business type is classified as a Firm/Business..

Our data points show that Lizzy Bee’s Tax & Accounting had annual sales volume of $108,000 as of 2018. Their primary SIC description confirms their business as Tax Return Preparation & Filing. Lizzy Bee’s Tax & Accounting has been providing professional services for the past 4 years.

Our data points show Elizabeth Maxson as the company contact. Elizabeth is listed as OWNER of the business with a contact phone number of (833)266-5233.

If you require a CPA, or bookkeeping/tax services for yourself or your business, please get in touch with Lizzy Bee’s Tax & Accounting and request to speak to Elizabeth.

You can also reach them online at

Alternatively, you can contact them by email at [email protected]

10 Reviews for Lizzy Bee’s Tax & Accounting

Do not use them

Lizzy Bee’s is a fraudulent tax and accounting company. We paid her every month to do our payroll and track our income and expenses for our business. She missed several payrolls which necessitated us having to transfer our bookkeeping to a other company. Then we discovered that she had failed to enter any of our 2018 income and expenses so she was unable to produce our business return. After multiple promises that she would email it to us “soon” she stopped responding to our texts. We finally had to hire another a accountant to do our 2018 business return. Did I mention that she had also screwed up our 2017 business return? That had to be amended as well as our 2017 personal return. Between what we paid Lizzy for work she didn’t do and paying our new accountant, Lizzy cost us over $5,000.

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Author Response

I'm just seeing this review or I would've responded soon. This person works for a competing firm and this review is false. Please disregard

utter4alaska52 1 Reviews
Always prompt, thorough, knowledgable services

I’ve used Lizzy Bee’s for several years now. She’s always been very fast and helped me maximize the deductions I could take for my business. I also do yearly consultations with her and she lead me to the right business structure for tax savings as well as pointed out a few employee credits I was missing. She is the best!

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Author Response

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I'm glad we could assist you with your tax preparation needs! Don't hesitate to reach out and stay safe out there :)

n.malidore79 1 Reviews
Fake review

My other 1 star review above is absolutely not false. My husband was a client of Lizzy Bees for 3 years until we discovered a number of discrepancies in our bookkeeping that she was paid to do. See that 5 star review? It was written by Elizabeth Maxson aka Elizabeth UTTER aka Lizzy Bee!! Lizzy liar, caught again!

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Lizzy Bee’s is run by a woman who is a fraud. She has cheated, scammed, and lied to take people’s money and not follow through on work she was hired for. She advertised herself as a CPA when she was not. She is a thief and a liar. I would 10 out of 10 not recommend using her services, unless you like wasting your money.

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hogbrew137 1 Reviews
She is a FRAUD

She represented herself to me as a CPA and EA. She is neither. She messed up my 2016 and 2017 tax returns. The IRS sent me notices that income was under reported on both. I asked her to get this fixed but apparently she did nothing.The IRS is now garnishing my Social Security. I have just got a new CPA and am paying them to come to the bottom of the problems This will cost me a lot of money. Do not use her under any circumstances.

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stacynardini40 1 Reviews
Go ANYWHERE else for services!

Elizabeth Maxson is a con artist! Please check her court records before you use her. She has scammed tons of people and remains currently under investigation!!! She will literally say ANYTHING to try and make herself look less psychotic – including leaving herself positive reviews… BEWARE!

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benbacher90 1 Reviews
Do not use

Never filed our taxes and when we got a letter from the IRS she said she had just typo’d a social security number and that’s why it wasn’t submitted. One would think that six months down the line she would have received some sort of notice that there was an error on the form. My thinking is it was all made up to cover up the fact that she simply did not complete the job. Either way, she failed to do so. Never returned voicemails, and had several friends who were in the exact same boat. Should absolutely find a different line of work, its either ineptitude or dishonesty, none of which should make a person feel comfortable to do business with this firm.

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4hoodies72 1 Reviews
Fraudulent CPA!

Liz passed herself off as a CPA, took our money every month for work she never did. Not only did I pay her for 2 years, she messed our taxes up and we spent $1000’s getting it rectified. She is NOT a CPA, and there are many people who have been scammed by her!

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1 Reviews
She is the WORST!

I hired Liz to handle my payroll, Quick Books, and accounting needs. She was to file my 941 and 940s. She said she did, but that was just one of her MANY lies. She told me when I interviewed her that she was an EA and a CPA. She wasn’t then nor has she ever been either. I spent thousands with another firm that fixed HER BAD BOOK KEEPING. She never paid the IRS when she said she did. I ended up owing several thousand in late taxes because she lied. I would never recommend her. She is the absolute most incompetent person for the job.

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This Firm is Recommended By The United CPA Association

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