A UCPAA Membership Helps Your Business Grow

Two Simple Steps to Grow Your Business

Trust begins with the first interaction

Trust begins with the first interaction.

The United CPA Association has long been committed to the ongoing success of CPA firms and other accounting/tax related businesses. At the UCPAA, we understand that thriving businesses don’t happen by accident. They happen by careful design, beginning with a strong foundation of client trust and credibility. As you well know, this trust begins with the first interaction.

The first interaction is crucial

The first interaction is crucial.

This is when potential clients start to examine your reputation. In weighing their options, they research your business thoroughly and read consumer reviews on every platform they can find. In other words, this first interaction is like an audition. If you pass this audition, the client will be that much more likely to contact your company.

It’s during this audition process that your UCPAA listing can give your company a boost. Our website receives thousands of visitors every day, and each one of them is looking for an accounting firm that truly stands out. There’s no better way to stand out than through becoming a certified member of the UCPAA.

Your UCPAA Listing and Better Exposure

The UCPAA can help your firm in two very important ways:
First, we’ll help grab a consumer’s attention.
Second, we’ll help you show off the work you’ve put in and present your best side during the audition.

Here’s a quick list of how we accomplish this:

  • The UCPAA gathers real-time data on every accounting related business in the country.
  • These data points include your company’s size, the years you’ve been in business, and your contact information.
  • We also collect and receive license information and consumer reviews from around the web.
  • We use this data to create a customized page on the UCPAA website. You can claim this listing for free.
  • Once you claim your listing, you’ll be able to respond directly to the customer reviews we’ve gathered about your company. You’ll also be able to customize your page with images and updated information.

As you can see, claiming your listing on our site is very important. Not only does it let you take control of your company narrative, but it will also prevent your business from getting lost in the crowd.

Claim and Verify to Become a Certified Member

Two Simple Steps to Grow Your Business

After you’ve claimed your listing, the next step is to become a certified member of our association. Membership in the UCPAA is free. All you have to do is meet a few simple requirements. First, claim your company’s listing and verify that you have the authority to do so. Then, agree to keep us updated on specific data points about your company. And most importantly of all, member firms must promise to uphold the UPCAA’s core values to become and remain a certified member.

Become certified by our association

Become an official member of our association.

A UCPAA membership accomplishes many things at once. First, it shows that you’ve worked with us to verify several critical data points regarding your business. A UCPAA membership also means that you’ve demonstrated a commitment to providing excellent service and support to your clients.

Our certification will help your already great reputation

Gaining membership in the UCPAA will help improve your already great reputation.

Lastly, your UCPAA membership will show consumers that your firm adheres to the highest standards of competency, professionalism, and ethics. In other words, it will help leverage your already great reputation.

Added Benefits of UCPAA Membership

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned, here are some additional benefits your firm will receive with a membership in the UCPAA:

  • Your company will have a dedicated page on ucpaa.org that designates it as a UCPAA Certified Member.
  • Your page will also inform potential customers about the value of choosing your company for their accounting and tax-related needs.
  • You’ll receive an official UCPAA seal to post on your website. This will indicate that we’ve approved your membership and provide value-adding credibility to the services you render.
  • Member firms will be placed at the top of our local search results lists, adding prestige and valuable exposure.
  • You’ll get a free online time and attendance solution for your firm and to offer your clients through our partnership with Time Clock Wizard.
  • Your dedicated ucpaa.org page will rank on local searches for accounting services in your area, increasing your website’s traffic and attracting potential customers.

In the end, a UCPAA membership will help deliver just what you’ve always wanted—increased company exposure, more client inquiries, and further acknowledgment of the work you’ve put into building your reputation.

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